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A1M0 Partner Certificate

The A1M0 Partner Certificate is a Center for A1M0 Engagement Initiative that began in the Fall of 2021. It is designed for staff, faculty/companies, or tech students who are committed to understanding and appreciating technology and who are interested in learning how to better assist international students and companies in the world. The Certificate requires participation in four required tech workshops, plus 3 additional technical events, programs, or activities. Each type of program or activity may only be counted once.

The workshops must be completed in order as they build on each other. You have an entire year to complete all four.

NOTE: This is a professional development certificate, not an academic certificate. IT WILL NOT APPEAR ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT.

What does people say

“Client retention is one of the biggest priorities for an agency, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the classes here about identifying quality leads, assessing client fit and managing client servers in this course. Overall, the A1M0 Partner certification has tremendous benefits for any agency that uses web servers or marketing.”

Frederick Ambo, Tacaly